About Jacklyn

Jacklyn Knutson is a certified professional dog trainer. She provides practical, humane solutions to training so dogs and their humans can communicate with one another and thrive in New York City.

Jacklyn’s passion for understanding dog behavior began in 2014, when she found an abandoned pit bull in a city park. Jacklyn gave the dog a home and named her Oatmeal. Besides being emaciated and still lactating from a recent birth, Oatmeal started to show several behavioral problems including dog aggression, resource guarding, and separation anxiety. Jacklyn quickly realized that restoring Oatmeal back to full health also meant giving her the structure and communication skills to overcome emotional distress and behavioral issues.

In the fall of 2014, Jacklyn began to apprentice with Robert Haussmann of Dogboy NYC. "I chose to work with Robert because his training methods involve humane behavioral solutions and years of experience." She spent the next three years learning as much as she could about dog behavior and training through hands-on sessions with Robert in addition to books, courses, and webinars. In 2017, Jacklyn became a CPDT-KA certified trainer and joined the Dogboy NYC team full time.

Since joining Dogboy NYC, Jacklyn has focused on obedience training and puppyhood, specifically the phases of development, house training, crate training, socialization, obedience & manners, leash and urban training.

Jacklyn currently facilitates Dogboy NYC Puppy + Wine Socialization and Basic Obedience group classes in Brooklyn. She is also available for private in-home training sessions.

Jacklyn lives with her husband and adorable rescue Oatmeal in Brooklyn.