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Practical, Urban Dog Training.  Since 2005.

OUR Mission

Relationship, Understanding, Practicality, and Results!

Dogboy NYC is a company dedicated not only to a dogs obedience and manners but more importantly, to nurturing relationships between people and dogs.  Educating people on the most current scientific knowledge of canine cognition and learning is paramount.  

With our guidance and application of knowledge, individuals will deepen their bond with their dog and gain a well-mannered, agreeable family member in return.  Our training is focused on practical application for busy NYC families and professionals.  

Dogboy follows strict ethical and moral codes similar to the Hippocratic oath, "first do no harm" is a major tenant of this code.  We believe that issues can be resolved or managed through scientific, fact-based methods leaving no room for excessive force and intimidation.  

All personally tailored training systems are driven by results and fostering an understanding between two species that nurtures all future successes.  



Robert Haussmann
CPDT-KA / Canine Behavior Consultant & Trainer
718 306 2190


Practical, Urban Dog Training since 2005 

Internationally Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor, Robert Haussmann /CPDT-KA, founded Dogboy NYC in 2005. He is a certified and professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Counselors (IAABC). 

The Dogboy team utilizes applied behavior analysis, operant conditioning, and science-based learning theory to assess behavior challenges in all breeds and ages of dogs. We will meet with you and your dog to create a practical training protocol that is designed specifically to your needs.  

Our goal is to help dogs and their people live together in harmony.  Raising dogs in urban areas is one of our specialties.  We do this by focusing on clear communication, socialization, and behavior modification to help your dog become a successful urban dweller.  Dogboy NYC works together with a network of vets, groomers, sitters, day care centers and pet stores to foster a strong community. 

Our team can steer you in the right direction for all of your K-9 needs.  

Our mission is to improve the lives and relationships of dogs and owners through positive hands-on education and personal attention. A variety of training options are available for busy families and professionals.  We offer one on one private training session in your home, as well as group classes at Wag Club in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  



Practical, Humane Training for all Dogs & Issues.

How can Dogboy NYC help?
Because no two dogs or people are alike, Dogboy services are uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of you and your dog.  Whether you choose classes or individual sessions, we will work to find the right training protocol for you, your family, and your dog. Contact Dogboy today and we can get started together.  


Private in home training sessions tailored uniquely for you and your dog.  Individual sessions and training packages are available.  We come to you at your convenience.

Dogboy Private Packages
Private in-home sessions provide the most tailored and specific hands on training for you and your dog.  The training protocols will be based on your unique dog, bonding, behaviors, and environment.  Let’s do this together!

Please review our services area before booking an appointment.

Dumbo/Vinegar Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill,  Redhook, Carroll Gardens Vet Group/Waterfront, Gowanas, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford Stuyvesant,, Crown Heights, Sunset Park

The Financial District, Tribeca, SoHo, West Village/Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Midtown West, Upper West Side


Group training classes take place at Dogboy’s partner facility, Wag Club, in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Classes include Puppy & Wine Socialization, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Introduction to Agility, Introduction to Nosework, and Tricks class.  

This wildly popular class is perhaps the most important you will take!  

Puppies go through a stage of social development that ends between 12 – 16 weeks. During this time, it is critical to expose them to as many social situations as possible. Puppy + Wine is the perfect opportunity for pups to practice their skills.  They will learn how to elicit and end play, how hard to use their mouths, and basically how to get along with other members of their own species safely.  

Under the supervision of trained professional, humans can ask puppy questions and learn about their own dogs play style and personality.  This fun and educational experience is enhanced with a free glass of wine from the good folks at Waterfront Wines. Sampled wines are also available for purchase at a discount!  

Due to the popularity of this class, we must limit the number of pups to 10 per class. You will need to register ahead of time with Wag Club and provide your vaccination records.

When:  Every Monday!
Time:  7:30 - 8:30 PM (No Class Feb. 18)
Where:  Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Instructor:  Robert Haussmann, CPDT-KA / Jacklyn Knutson, CPDT-KA
Prerequisite:  Puppies must be under 16 weeks of age and have 2 rounds of vaccinations with records.
Cost:  $20 per class.  
RSVP  is required!

Sign Up at Wag Club.

It’s nearly impossible for the typical urban canine to avoid distractions walking the streets of New York City. That’s why it’s especially important that your dog has street smarts and learns to mind her P's and Q's.

In this 6-week course we will teach you practical, humane and scientifically sound techniques to promote healthy leadership and a lifelong bond of understanding and respect. Learn basic commands such as LOOK AT ME, SIT, DOWN, STAY, DROP IT, LEAVE IT, FOCUSED LEASH WALKING and COME.  


When:  Begins May 5 / Wednesdays / 6 week course (NO class on 7/3, Graduation 7/17)
Time:  8 - 9 PM
Where:   Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Instructor:  Jacklyn Knutson, CPDT-KA
Prerequisites:  None

Sign Up at Wag Club.


When:  Begins May 9 / Sundays / 6 week course (NO class on 7/7, Graduation 7/21)
Time:  6 - 7 PM
Where:   Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Instructor:  Jacklyn Knutson, CPDT-KA
Prerequisites:  None

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Spring into action with a 5 week course that will exercise your dog both physically and mentally. You will strengthen the bond with your best friend while working as a team! This class will introduce you and your pup to tunnels, weave poles, and jumps. Loads of fun!

When:  Begins April 9 / Tuesdays / 5 week course (NO class 5/7, Graduation 5/14)
Time:  8 - 9 PM
Where: Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Instructor:  Robert Haussmann, CPDT-KA
Prerequisites: Basic Obedience. Firm grip of basic commands us as SIT, STAY, COME.

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Intro. to Nosework class focuses on building drive and searching for specific odors in various interiors (such as boxes, etc.) while increasing the challenges and adding new search skills as the your dog progresses.

The training methodology is designed to help your pup tap into their hunting instinct, learn independent problem-solving skills, and learn to build broad and solid foundational scent detection skills that will enable them to successfully face new and greater challenges in Nosework.

When: Begins May 28 / Tuesdays / 5 week course
Time:  8 - 9 PM
Where: Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Instructor:  Robert Haussmann, CPDT-KA
Prerequisites: Basic Obedience. Firm grip of basic commands us as SIT, STAY, COME.

Sign Up at Wag Club.


When:  TBD
Time:  TBD
Where: Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn
Instructor:  Robert Haussmann, CPDT-KA
Prerequisites: Basic Obedience

Interested in attending our next class? Contact Wag Club and sign up!



“As a first time dog owner, and not just one doggie but two, Robert was a real life-saver and counselor. I hired him to train the puppies, and not only did he accomplish that, but more importantly he trained me!!” 
– Dianna Taylor & Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“Robert is a natural with dogs. His insightful and positive approach to training and problem solving works! Our dog Lucy will do anything for Robert.” 
– Ann, Charlie, Francesca and of course, Lucy

"I can now leave her home alone (crate-free!), and she is cool as a cucumber when guests come by the apartment.  Truly, she is a completely different dog. Thanks, Robert!! “
– Elizabeth Janka


"Rob is an amazing trainer! We've worked together on all kinds of issues with our high-strung rescue dog Pepper: barking at guests, lunging at bikes, fear of the dishwasher. He has incredible intuition and understands the most subtle of dog signals. We always appreciate how much he explains the root of her issues and how to address them, so that we can apply the training to any situation. He's helped us develop Pepper into a much happier dog, and we all absolutely love him! Especially Pepper, who loves to take breaks from training to lick Rob's face!"
-Kristine, Ketan, and Pepper

"We have been so lucky to have Robert Haussmann and the DogBoy team in our neighborhood. What is so wonderful about Robert is his commitment to training techniques that are supported by not only his vast experience, but by the most up-to-date scientific research as well. He has been an invaluable resource for our clients and patients, and when we have training problem with one of our own pets, he's the one we call for help! Thanks Robert!"
- Dr. Neuman,DVM and Dr. Adelman,DVM
Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group Clinic


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Robert Haussmann
CPDT-KA / Canine Behavior Consultant & Trainer
718 306 2190