About Robert

Robert Haussmann is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Canine Behavior Consultant, and Co-Founder of Dogboy NYC. He is licensed under the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and has been working with dogs and advising their humans since 2003. He founded Dogboy NYC in 2005 to help canine and human clients navigate the complex urban jungle of New York City.

Through creative, practical, and humane solutions, Robert specializes in helping dogs overcome behavior issues like fear, phobias, anxiety, and aggression. He advises owners on the best practices for making their dogs feel safe at home and beyond.

Since he was a child, Robert has had an inherent interest and deep connection with dogs. After college he contemplated a career with animals. Robert studied animal behavioral science with a strong focus on applied behavior analysis and operant conditioning to begin his education as a professional dog trainer. To this day, Robert is fascinated by the human-dog connection and continues to learn through professional and educational development.

Robert met his wife Kim in 2000. He quickly earned the nickname “Dogboy” through his ability to find, befriend, and safely return stray dogs to their owners and nearby shelters. When Robert and Kim began brainstorming business names in 2004, Dogboy NYC became the obvious right choice.

Robert currently facilitates Dogboy NYC Puppy + Wine Socialization, Basic and Intermediate Obedience, Introduction to Agility, Tricks, and Introduction to Scent Work group classes in Brooklyn. He is also available for private Behavior Consultations and private in-home training sessions.

Robert and Kim are the Co-Founders of Dogboy NYC and live in Brooklyn with their daughter and Josie, their fuzzy, lovable SATO rescue dog.